We provide programs, services, holiday gifts and essential needs for low income, disabled, medically challenged and terminally ill children in our community so they experience a Memorable and meaningful loving holiday.


"It's not just the the Giving through out the year. It's about sharing the generosity and how much LOVE we put into giving."


Red Sled Santa Foundation | Your Contribution helps in need


More than a decade ago we began a community effort to give back each Christmas through a project we call  Project Redsled.

Our goal each Christmas season is to help provide a welcoming Christmas for families in need.

We partner with churches and licensed charitable organizations to identify families and provide them with our resources for assistance.

In addition to providing monetary assistance, our helpful donations come to us in many other forms; paying utility bills, gasoline cards, food baskets, grocery cards, assistance with obtaining medical supplies, cleaning supplies and services, vehicle repairs, and family fun experiences, such as tickets to Disneyland!

There have been so many generous volunteers who have contributed to our organization as a way of giving back and providing a wonderful “Santa Experience.”

One year we helped a disabled boy with the purchase of a vehicle that could accommodate him. Another year we were blessed to be able to pay off the heating bill for a struggling single mom. Our efforts might not be glamorous but we help fill the gaps when the good work of local charities need a little boost.

Almost always these efforts are focused in communities where our members live.

We accept donations of any size and 100% are allocated for the cause!

We usually know of or hear about needs from local communities. In fact, we prefer to handle it that way because it gives us someone local to interface with clergy or other support personnel. We ALWAYS have a sponsoring organization to work through.

We appreciate your consideration and contributions to the cause!

News & Events

Santas work shop

Santa's workshop will be host
to over 400 Cadets & Pals
students this November

Santa’s Hope for Hope Town

The panels have been
granted by
The Red Sled Santa Foundation!

Gifting a car to a selfless care giver

The RSS Foundation
donated this car to
this care giver.

Our causes

Help to Blind parents in Christmas

This selfless giving experiences are what Christmas is all about. I was blessed to be part of the magical moment, When a family of four (Parents are blind) was gifted not only the making of a generous Christmas, but perhaps…

Help Fire department Paramedic

We custom fitted an ambulance  gurney with aerosol box.

Covid -19 Neo-natal division of Hospital

Pictures describing Dr. Hannaise came to my facility to demonstrate how the mini Intubation box is used for procedure . I then made a special unit and the hospital sent me how its used.

Other Organization that our Foundation supports

We provide assistance for our community whose economic situations qualify.