Past act of kindness

Past act of kindness

  • Christmas in July

    JULY 9 Saturday 2022
    5PM - 8PM meet Santa REALLY!
    We are starting a campaign this summer to encourage "Keeping Kids Active", one of our activities will be giving away sports balls and toys to children in the less fortunate neighborhoods of South Los Angeles. We are starting a campaign this summer to encourage "Keeping Kids Active", one of our activities will be giving away sports balls and toys to children in the less fortunate neighborhoods of South Los Angeles. 


  • Operation Lifting Spirits

    Operation Lifting Spirits SPRIT OF LIBERTY FOUNDATION

    a Magical 2nd to Remember!
    We need your Support to Lift the Spirits of the over 1000 Families who Lost their Homes in the Boulder Fire on Year's Day.

    Year - 2022

  • The RSS Foundation donated this car to this caregiver

    At the Cashiers paying for gas recently, (its cheaper if you pay cash) I overheard a young lady ahead of me, tell the cashier that she lends her car to her best friend that is a caregiver for two elderly people. She said it was becoming hard on her to lend her car now, because her friend, the caregiver lives an hour away from her elder employees. At first the need to borrow her car was twice a week and now the elders want her with them every day (full time). This new change put the girl lending her car to her friend, in a very awkward position. 
    It sounded like her friend, the Caregiver, needed her own car. 
    I am standing there listening to this, and I decided to help. I knew where there was a really nice little white Chevrolet Aveo with low miles that has pretty much been in storage that was just coming up for sale. I knew the battery was charged, the tires were good and, it ran like a top. 
    I decided that I wanted to give this girls caregiver friend that Aveo. 
    I had the nerve to say “excuse me” to the young lady and told her that I had overheard her conversation and that: "I think I may have a solution” to her problem.  

     So, I asked for her to wait and she waited, while I paid for my fuel and I walked outside with this young lady and explained to her my story, my potential gift to her friend. All donation. She listened and looked at me like I was perhaps “loco” but with the earnestness I had in my voice, she listened. I gave her my information and asked that she have her friend call me to make the arrangement if she wanted her own car. 
     The Caregiver did give me a very hesitant call and I verified that I would like to do this for her and asked her/them to meet me at the AAA (Automobile Club-DMV section) two days later, to transfer ownership. Meanwhile, I gave the caretaker, Gracie, the info on the car (I had committed to the seller to buy it) and instructions to pre-purchase insurance so the car could be legally and safely hers by the time of the transfer and that she could freely and legally, 
    drive it off the AAA lot. 
    I paid for the Aveo through the Red Sled Santa foundation. I had the car checked, smogged, filled with gas and detailed throughout. My wife drove my truck (for my ride home) and I the Aveo (it was quite the finished beauty) to the AAA location. The two girls were already standing there, outside and when I pulled up in that car, when I pulled up in that car... the look on their faces were so full of AWE that I had to laugh. They shared that they couldn’t believe that I showed up with the car! After meeting and talking and explaining why I felt compelled to follow through with this endeavor, (overhearing Gracie’s friend “Marcella” talking to the gas attendant about her friend needing a vehicle) and after Thank-you hugs, we all walked into AAA to transfer the paperwork. When all was complete and transferred, we walked outside and I presented the keys to the new owner and Gracie crying and with a face of unbelievable gratitude.
    And I just want you to know that even though both of these girls were blown away by this generosity, faces with tears and hugs, and commitments to “keep in touch” shared (not necessary), I honestly feel and I truly believe that I received more joy out of giving/donating this car to a person in real need even more than Gracie enjoyed receiving it. 
    Gee, it felt really great to truly experience a complete and another heartfelt random act of kindness. And it all started with creating a foundation to give, and the timing of we two inadvertent people, being in the pay line, at a gas station. God is good. 

    June 24, 2021

  • "Fill the Sleigh" mission just completed

    Let the season of giving from the heart power on! 
    This past week Santa’s Workshop’s  “Fill the Sleigh” mission just completed its 6th toy build /gift giveaway, and CNN was onsite to capture the fun!
    Santa’s newest junior Elf’s from the Underserved PALs youth group, helped to make toys and gift boxes, for the disadvantaged Migrant worker’s children, that attend the Malabar Elementary school in downtown Los Angeles. This Morning RSS Foundation along with Santa made the delivery of these special gifts along with a truckload of toys to an excited group of children and parents. Santa’s Junior Elf’s got to pick a toy for themselves as a surprise gift after the workshop. I’m so grateful to be part of this experience and want to thank everyone that is and has and is supporting our mission to serve. God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

    12 Dec 2021

  • RSSF hosted the Inland Valley Down Syndrom Association

    What a fantastic day filled with such love and joy as we truly shared the Christmas spirit. The Red Sled Santa Foundation hosted the Inland Valley Down Syndrom Association here at Santa’s Workshop. These Amazing elves built toys and filled Christmas boxes that they will donate to the underprivileged special needs families this Christmas. This was truly a blessing to share and learn from these brilliant young adults. Now officially Santa’s Helpers. The story will air Sunday on NBC nightly News.


    07 Dec 2021

  • First day out of the shop

    It’s that time to share the magic!! First day out of the shop, it trailered well. Mission complete.

    07 Dec 2021

  • Covid -19 Neo-natal division of Hospital

    Pictures describing Dr. Hannaise came to my facility to demonstrate how the mini Intubation box is used for procedure .
    I then made a special unit and the hospital sent me how its used.


    Year - 2020

  • Covid-19 field Im custom fitting a Gurney with Dr. Phillips

    Together working with Doctor's and health provider's, we can continue to build and maintain healthier communities into the future.
    Special modified details were made to the unit for more comfort of use.

    Year - 2020

  • MLK Hospital

    Donation of five aerosol boxes to the  Martin Luther King, Jr. Outpatient Center. 

    Year - 2020

  • Fire department Paramedic

    We custom fitted an ambulance  gurney with aerosol box.


    Year - 2020

  • Santas Helpers

    1. Geno Norrail shop fabricator extraordinaire.
    2. Robert Seutter and son RJ Ryan Seutter, making Deliveries to Martin Luther King (MLK) Hospital.
    3. Dr. Mona has been distributing to many local hospitals.

    Year - 2020

  • CHOC Children’s Hospital

    As an anesthesiologist, we are all trying to stay safe and keep our OR staff safe while caring for our patients in need..

    Year - 2020

  • Kaiser Permanente Hospital

     I’m with Dr. Thad  Woodward.
    The intubation box not only protects our vulnerable patients but all the medical staff during aerolized procedures.


    Year - 2020

  • Christmas for Blind parents

    This selfless giving experiences are what Christmas is all about.
    I was blessed to be part of the magical moment,
    When a family of four (Parents are blind) was gifted not only the
    making of a generous Christmas, but perhaps one of the best gift of all
    to the blind mother,
    She was given money to undergo surgery to restore the vision.
    This story will unfold more in the coming Months.
    God bless us all and Merry Christmas!


    Year - 2019

  • Special gift for K/1 SDC Garden Grove Elementary School

    Much Joy is experienced when we put our skills together and share with others.
    This little fun safe space was built in Santa's workshop, 
    then lovingly donated to a Special needs classroom. 

    Year - 2019

  • Donation was bequest to the family that needed special medical attention

    All of Santa's earnings ($10,000.00) were bequest to a young mother of 5 in need of a medical operation.




    Year - 2018

  • Toy drive for hurricane victims

    Toy *Toy Drive (Santa) Sponsor: Christmas for Children. Hurricane Maria was a deadly Category 5 hurricane that devastated Dominica, St Croix, and Puerto Rico in September 2017. It is regarded as the worst natural disaster in recorded history to affect those islands.


    Year - 2017

  • KRTH (Santa) Sponsor

    Contributed to a family in need of Christmas Spirit due to a horrific house fire.

    Year -2016

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