The joy of Christmas is contagious and something to be cherished. Seeing the excitement on children’s faces is what makes my job as Santa Cortney so very special.

I have had the privilege of meeting many thousands of people, young and old, as a personification of Father Christmas. My work has been rooted in my mission to bring a smile to everyone’s face, while raising money for causes to aid with childhood cancer research, treatment of illnesses, after-school programs, and families in need.

When I’m not donning a custom-made Santa suit, I work as a licensed Historic Restoration Contractor. For more than 30 years I have been involved with the creation and installation of museum exhibit installations. My work even landed me a full season of a nationally syndicated home improvement show! You might say I have a knack for things rich with history. Throughout my career, I have always had a heart for service to others. That is why I established the Red Sled Santa Foundation in 2016. My dream is to reach as many people as possible through my work as Santa Cortney. Whether that be raising more money for philanthropic work, or just bringing a much-needed smile to someone’s face, I am honored to have such an important role during the holiday season. Let’s work together to bring more joy to the world. The simplest act of kindness, or smallest donation, can make a world of difference for someone in need. There truly is no better way to show appreciation for what you have been given, than to give back to others. ~Red Sled Santa Cortney                                                                                           


Vikash Kumar

International Ambassador

Serving in - Ashta, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India. As a Humanitarian Aid Coordinator for The Red Sled Santa Foundation, Vikash has been able to participate in a wide range of activities reflective of his commitment to improving the support of a Humanity Aid program that provides food and clean water in his local community.

Dale Morimizu Gorman

Board Member and Advisor Red Sled Santa Foundation

Executive Director for Kids Community Dental Clinic

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