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Santa in 170 Countries!

The world's 1st AI Santa has already brought the Christmas spirit to children and families in over 170 countries worldwide!  We hope you and your families have enjoyed speaking to Santa and asking him [almost] anything!

Top questions asked to Santa include:

●     How Santa stays safe this year?

●     Requests to help ill family/friends

●     Tell me a story.

●     Why do we give gifts?

●     Naughty or Nice list?

●     What is your real name?

●     How old are you?

●     What are the best gifts to give for Christmas?

Remember, Ask Santa provides an opportunity to talk Santa from the comfort and safety of your home or any environment! There is no fee and no time limit, so feel free to ask Santa anything and everything!

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A New to talk to Santa | AskSanta.com

Red Sled Santa is still visiting kids across the country this Christmas, from behind plexiglass barriers and Zoom calls


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